Michael Fahey

I had the privledge to photograph a session with Michael Fahey, He’s been a giving guitar lessons to folks around Truro for over 20 years (and yoga, as well!)

This was sort of the ‘last jam’ with a couple of his students, and it was a great experience to sit back and watch them play together.

Notice the red guitar in the shots below? It’s an Epiphone Casino.

It was made famous by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison from that little rock band known as the Beatles. They all had one during the 60’s and John Lennon used his on several albums with the Beatles, and during his solo career.

It was given to Michael by one of his students as a thank you gift during that last session. Everyone there was speechless for a few minutes, including me. To watch Michael play it for the last jam was inspiring.

He’s recently moved to Ottawa and was looking for a few shots to help with his new website.

Here’s a few that I captured that day



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