Jessica and Glen

I don’t shoot a large number of weddings each year, I figure my limited advertising has something to do with it, and partly because I know my work isn’t what everyone is looking for.

I shoot differently, I edit differently, sometimes my images aren’t quite typical.

Sometimes a lot of shadows creep in, sometimes highlights get blown out. It’s not always polished, and sometimes it’s a little bit rough and raw. I’m ok with that.

My two weddings i booked this year, both couples really liked my work and booked me even before I had the chance to sit down with them. (One bride was on the other side of the world, but that’s a story for another post)

They both liked what they saw enough to trust me and run with my ideas and let the pixels fall where they would.


Jessica and Glen were one such couple, after a few emails and we had their date booked three months before we actually met face to face.

I knew they were going to be an outstanding couple, they were both very relaxed, very much in love, and in our brief 15 minute coffee meeting I could tell they were going to be fun to spend the day with.

Two people, very much in love.

Two people, couldn’t wait to be married.

Two people, so very happy that they got married.

Have a look. You’ll see what I mean.




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