A bit about me

It’s been almost ten years since i picked up a camera with any intent to do something with it. Photography has always captivated me, I’ve always had a great appreciation for a photo that could stop you for a moment and draw you in.
If you can create something that makes people want to linger for more than a moment than the photo is a success.

While I do enjoy many different types of photography, my passion is for people – be it weddings, portraits, or the awesome glow of a mom-to-be.

I always try to capture something unposed and genuine. My family sessions are more like a trip to the zoo than a ‘smile and say cheese’ session.

My main goal during a session is to always have fun, and make sure the smiles are real. A smile from a genuine laugh makes a photo shine, and i’m not afraid to act like a clown to get it!

My favorite family photos are always the ones where I wander off a bit and just start shooting. I let people do what comes naturally and hope they forget i’m there.



Some random things you don’t really need to know –

– I own 14 cameras currently. Brownies, Polariods, and a kodak 620 junior that has bellows.

– I shoot with Olympus Digital cameras. They’re a little different than everyone else, like me.

– Joe McNally and David Hobby are two of my favorite photographers. I love off camera lighting.

– I was once nearly arrested for taking photos of a hydroelectric dam in Tennesee.

A few random questions –

What’s your “style”?

If anything, i’d say it’s flexible.

I like black and white.  A lot.

I love simple, classy headshots.

I also love scrapyards, waterfalls, abandoned buildings and grassy fields.

Whatever the location or environment, if we can use it to make a unique portrait, I’m there.


Will you shoot this idea I have?

Absolutely. If you have an idea in your head, we’ll work together to make it happen.


Do you have a studio?

Some people call it a dining room, I call it my studio.
Whatever it is, i’ve made some great photos in it.

Do you shoot on location?

Of course. Your home, your favorite place, or anywhere in between.

What are the sessions like?

In a word, relaxed.
There’s no pressure, I like to be very casual, and I don’t worry about the time.
It takes what it takes to get the shot.

What do I get after the session?

I edit all of the best photos and post them in a gallery for you to review.
Order your prints and I’ll deliver them to you!

Do I get the digital files?

I will provide low resolution, watermarked copies of the proofs.
You are free to email, post on your website, or put them on facebook.

Why only low resolution? Can’t I print my own?

My prints are the final result of our work together.
I spend time making sure they are the best you can get.
Professionally printed and mounted, they will last for years.

Can I buy the high resolution digital files?

Of course. Ask for details.