Boys and their toys

I’ve always had a love for motorcycles.

I grew up around them, living vicariously thru my brother. I don’t have my own yet, but i’m working on it.. (more…)

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The 2010 Wedding Recap

With 2010 gone and 2011 slowly ticking away the days, I figured it was time to post a few shots from the 2010 wedding season.

While only shooting three weddings this year, they were definitely all unique in their own way. (more…)

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Michael Fahey

I had the privledge to photograph a session with Michael Fahey, He’s been a giving guitar lessons to folks around Truro for over 20 years (and yoga, as well!)

This was sort of the ‘last jam’ with a couple of his students, and it was a great experience to sit back and watch them play together. (more…)

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Bradley and Emma

It started out as one of those days where you’re never quite sure how things will turn out. (more…)

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Christine. Christian. Casual.

Of all the weddings I shot this year, this one stands out.

Christine and Christian are two of the most laid-back folks i’ve met in a long time, and it was a pleasure spending the day with them. (more…)

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A trip to Jail

Like most towns, Truro has it’s share of abandoned buildings. Some have more character than others. The former County jail in downtown Truro is certainly no exception!
After lots of work by Jeff Babineau, thru several phone calls and a few letters he managed to get us a day pass <em>into</em> jail. (more…)

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